Corrosion Inhibitor


Corrosion inhibitors are widely used across the oil and gas industry to protect valuable infrastructure and manage corrosion issues. It is critical these chemicals are applied at a suitable dose: too much chemical can cause emulsion problems and increase OPEX, while too little chemical can leave a system at risk. The detection of corrosion inhibitor micelles can be used to identify the optimum dose.

CoMic™ is a unique and innovative solution that allows the operator to measure and analyse the micelle content of production waters on-site.

CoMic™ delivers a world-first product in corrosion inhibitor optimisation in the field. Harnessing the indicative power of micelles, the platform allows the user to determine if protective chemical is reaching all sections of their production system at optimal dose.

CoMic™ is Evolving

All aspects of CoMic™ are undergoing development to make the tests faster to run, easier to use and to provide the data at the point it is required, on-site. Whether using the method to qualify a chemical prior to asset deployment, analysing a pipeline to determine chemical dispersion, or optimising a system to extend asset lifetime, CoMic™ can help.

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Updated Kit Format
70% Reduced Analysis Times

Integrated Instrument
Acquisition & Analysis with UI

Automated Data
Instant analysis feedback

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